Student Spotlight

Corree comes to class with a positive attitude. When she is given criticism, she works through it to better herself. Her hard work and amicable nature make her a role model to underclassmen.
Student of the Month - Corree Snyders
Last quarter Kayley made all the straight As while balancing playing basketball and working during the weekends.
Junior Raider of the Month - Kayley Schulte
Court SOM
Court has had a great change in attitude this year. He participates in class and seems to be putting forth a lot of effort this year, not only in class, but as a pep club member. He worked hard decorating the hall during homecoming and prepping ornaments for the Christmas tree.
Student of the Month - Court Fuhler
Sam K. JR R
Sam always works hard and stays on task in the classroom. He wants to be successful in high school and is making choices that will help him in the future. is the quote in a spotlight, write here all necessary text to be shown..
Junior Raider - Sam Kiel
PJ Brodbeck
PJ always tries his best in whatever he does. He takes his classes seriously and doesn't give up. In a class full of peer pressure, he overcomes it and goes his own way staying true to himself. I can always count on him to do the right thing and always give his best effort.
November Junior Raider - PJ Brodbeck
Logan Tepen
Logan is a leader in his classes. He always comes in ready to work and puts forth his best effort. He has a go with-the-flow attitude and never complains. Logan is always ready and willing to lend a hand. He is an asset to our school.
November Student of the Month - Logan Tepen
Cheyenne SOM
Cheyenne is a very intelligent and mature young woman who always puts forth her best efforts. Cheyenne is an exemplary citizen and community member as evidenced by her work with the Girl Scouts, representing BHS in cheer and in the pageant, and her involvement in her church.
Cheyenne Brundies - October Student of the Month
SOM September 2023
Elizabeth could have taken all easy classes her senior year, but she decided to challenge herself. To do this, she has had to go outside her comfort zone. Her strength and endurance are like no other. She is successful and will go on to accomplish so many great things.
Elizabeth Warren - September Student of the Month

Staff Spotlight

Sheila is a hard working person that is always willing to help others at their job. She is the head cook in the kitchen and has many responsibilities. She does a great job getting everything ready for our kids so they can have nutritious and delicious meals every day. She always has a smile for the kids when they come in every morning to get their day started. She is a wonderful asset to the support staff. Thanks for all you do!!
Sheila Katzenberger - Head Cook
Jeanene is a phenomenal person. She works hard to ensure her students get the best education possible. Jeanene spends countless hours after school grading papers and preparing lessons and is often the last one to leave. Her dedication to her subject area and to Brussels aids in the success of BHS students. Not only is Jeanene an excellent teacher, she is quite witty and insightful. If I need a laugh or a pick me up, she is the one I can count on to brighten my day.
Jeanene Kiel - Math
Sandy Nolle
Sandy has many jobs at school. She helps transport students to another school along with working in the kitchen. She is always willing to help sub in any position. She looks out for others and is a positive asset for the support staff and our district. We appreciate you!
Sandy Nolle - Kitchen & Transportation
Mrs. Hatrle
Mrs. Hartle is not only an amazing teacher, but an amazing co-worker as well. She is dedicated to our district and goes above and beyond. She makes sure that our students have different opportunities and are well prepared. Mrs. Hartle makes BHS a better place for everyone!
Keishia Hartle - English
Ms. Steward has a way of turning the darkest day into a smile. She knows and loves her students and can adapt to meet their needs. She is always willing to help anyone no matter how busy she is. We love you, Ms. Steward!
Megan Steward - 1st & 2nd Grades
Sarah is so much more than a school nurse, she's a team player, a supporter, a sponsor, and an educator. She has stepped out her nurse role and teaches classes at the high school level. She is willing to jump into any role given and works to make our school a better place.
Sarah Schleeper - Teacher & Nurse
Cyndi is a valuable part of our staff. She transports students to another school and helps out in our kitchen when needed. She is compassionate and caring to all of our students. Cyndi loves flamingos and going glamping. Thanks, Cyndi, for all you do!
Cyndi Kinder - Transportation
Donning his Carhart pocket T, his jeans and boots, Mr. B always makes everyone laugh and is everyone's favorite teacher. He is there for anyone that needs help. He has helped students make beautiful things. He has mentored staff about life and parenting. Our very own Mr. B.
Chad Brodbeck - Industrial Arts

Alumni Spotlight

Mary B.
Lewis & Clark Community College Outstanding Student In Mathematics - BHS Class of 2023
Mary Baalman
Lewis & Clark Community College Outstanding Architectural Technology Student - Academics & Outstanding Architectural Technology Student - Leadership - BHS Class of 2022
Belle Friedel
Mary V.
Lewis & Clark Community College Outstanding Criminal Justice Student - BHS Class of 2021
Mary Vogel